Controle your investments

- Promote a better working environment

- Protect your furniture and real estate capital

- Optimize your spaces and services

Facility management

Your issues

Simple and economical to activate, Coozy-FM guarantees daily reliable monitoring of your facilities and assets.

Coozy offers a tool for management and monitoring of servicing of the buildings and equipment, their use, maintenance, and the security of the facilities. It integrates the inventory data of the property to be managed and in particular makes it possible to create and control all the related documents.

It helps optimize the management of your buildings by putting a value on the real and fixed assets and improving monitoring of the technical and logistic services.

Affordable, simple, and fast to put into operation, do not go any longer without valuing, tracing, and managing all of your organization’s resources (sites, facilities, furniture, copiers, expensive property, maintenance contracts, etc).

Securing employee loyalty

Empowering your employees

An overall view

A unique centralized overview

Monitoring of contractors


Rationalization of costs

Traceability and compliance

Coozy-FM benefits

Fast ROI

Management of servicing

Unique overview of the assets

Employee satisfaction

Cost control

Fast deployment of the software

Security and compliance

Document management

Aid to decision-making: measure performance, monitor technical activities



Management of buildings: identify and characterize the sites

Management of servicing and work orders

Management of documents, files, and contracts

Management of objects: create, edit, order, maintain

Management of tasks: create and follow tasks

Management of cell phones and SIM cards: identification of users

Management of suppliers

Management of technicians


Management of charges: calculate the distribution of the charges by site, building, etc.

Servicing cube: multi-axis analyses of the monitoring indicators (quantity, cost, time)

Ad hoc reports: internal tool for creation of reports


Easy and structured entry by employees of the service requests.

Monitoring of the progress of the requests

Priority level per request

Closing of the requests


Inventory Management: integrate Coozy-FM with Coozy-S2I.

Utility account management: create and insert an account characterized by a name. Link them to consumers.

Management of meters

Management of blueprints

We respond to your issues


A unique centralized overview 

Coozy responds to an essential issue: centralization of all the data connected with your assets and its monitoring in a unique overview. Effortlessly coordinate and trace the technical servicing, like maintenance or repairs, record the history, the response times, the service quality, etc. Generate, link, keep a historical record of all the documents essential to your daily management!

Coozy allows you to use drag&drop to link together the sites, the assets, the documents, the persons, the communications, the servicing, the files, the costs. The centralization radically reduces scattering and losses of data. It likewise enables you to ensure the pertinence of the analyses and the results. The software facilitates the process of work distribution and enables savings in time and consistency.

A global view

Coozy identifies all the sites, all the objects. It indicates their condition, their occupants, the work to be done, the preventive or security actions, the location of the property, as well as the related costs. The reports offer an analysis of the service costs, the performance of the subcontractors, and identify dysfunctions.

Thanks to our optional module for management of the meters (water, gas, electricity), you can maintain a plausibility check and limit the reading errors. This calculation tool makes it possible to distribute the consumptions between different sites on one meter.

Demande d'intervention

Securing employee loyalty

Do away with the little disagreements that impact the motivation of your employees. Ensure them a working environment that is perfectly operational and follows the safety rules.

Coozy makes your employees feel more comfortable and allows them to report and follow the solution to problems (of a site or an object), in order to increase their job satisfaction.

Rationalization of costs and protection of investissements

Rationalization of costs remains the most effect lever for improving the profitability of a company. The “Reporting” module helps you identify dysfunctions or underutilized or too expensive spaces (or property). It calculates the total cost of owning an object or a building and gives you the operating costs per m2, per site, per service.

The “Helpdesk” module facilitates the organization of service requests and the rapid set-up of monitoring. The powerful document management completes this organization.


Empowering your employees 

The employees are the main actors in your business and your projects. Coozy positions your employees at the heart of your strategy, thanks to a collaborative interface that makes it possible to develop the empowerment of the employees and increase their performance.

Make them aware of the value of the assets and their work environment.

Involve them in the company’s life through an ergonomic and intuitive user portal on which the service requests can be made in less than 10 seconds.

This stimulates them to take their work space in hand and share in the general well-being by reporting incidents or shortcomings by means of the service requests with complete anonymity.

Monitoring of contractors

With Coozy, improve your efficiency by monitoring your contractors. For each contractor, the solution gives you information about: 

Administrative information and contracts (current and historical).

The contact persons for each intervention site with its own data.

Linked objects (eg elevators, copiers, fire extinguishers, …) with their characteristics and location.

The technical skills, levels and geographical areas of intervention.

Documents (intervention reports, purchase orders, invoices, various accreditations, …).

Interventions made and to do.


Traceability and compliance

Service monitoring, document management, and reporting make it possible for the user to consult the history of the service actions in a few clicks. It is especially also possible to define the author or creator of a file, to follow the route of a document, to save it and then quickly retrieve it, and to justify an action.

That makes it possible to protect against the risks of losses and secure the data entered into the system.

Numerous laws and regulations require monitoring and precise planning of certain service actions. Just think about the recording of the validity dates of fire extinguishers, about the maintenance of elevators, facilities approvals, and so on. The regulatory planning of these actions is provided for in Coozy.

Coozy-FM also interfaces with our other Coozy solutions