Your inventory in a few clics

- Gain time and efficiency

- Have a rich tool for data mining

- Make reliable, complete and continuous inventories


Our Strengths

Manage your starting and periodic inventories with this professional and intuitive solution!

Coozy-S2I makes it possible for you to manage the inventory and tracking of your assets in a professional manner, with or without a barcode scanner. The inventory management software developed by Ordiges is simple, flexible, and scalable.

Installation & parameterization

Accounting liaison


Inventory  methodology

Data export


Your benefits

Compliance with the law

Real-time view of assets

Fast taking of inventory

Ergonomics: intuitive utilization

Have a unique up-to-date and reliable overview

Multiple sites and/or buildings

Control of inventories

Overall view of assets

Gains in efficiency thanks to: centralization, fast multicriterial searches, etc.



Identification of assets by barcode labels

Access a multitude of standard and/or specific information concerning the asset

Access the evolution of the data over time

Access a list of assets via the multicriterial search or the hierarchical search

Export and import an asset type hierarchy with the characteristics that are assigned to them

Export, printing, and emailing of standard or specific reports


Creation and assignment of unlimited characteristics for the assets and locations

Attach one or more documents/photos to an asset

Create a starting, permanent, or periodic inventory

Categorization of unlimited assets via a hierarchical structure

Categorization of the physical and/or organizational locations


Choice of barcode label mask for the assets and locations

Choice of database type at installation

Automatic sending of starting or periodic inventory to mobile device

 Customization of the PC interface by user (Profile Listing – choice of interface appearance)


Taking inventory by mobile device or PC interface

Management of users connected to the assets

History of moves

Recording of condition of assets

Work management: Progress report for periodic management (done and to do)

Management of user rights, multilingual

Management of the main barcode standards

  Management of missing assets, relocations, and groupings

We respond to your issues

Our Strengths

Inventory methodology

For more than 30 years, Ordiges has surrounded itself with competent employees in order to offer products meeting your expectations. Let yourself be guided by an effective and intuitive methodology. On demand, the software can retrieve your data and automatically create a hierarchy reflecting your company.

Validate your hierarchy

Generate the inventory

Capture the data

Integrate the data

Consult the reports

Expertise in professions

Profit from our expertise and easily build the hierarchy suited to your organization:

Our software is supplied with a standard hierarchy of assets and characteristics to help you start your inventory quickly..

The software solution places at your disposal hierarchies and questionnaires that are specific to certain professions (public or hospital institutions, police, security companies, inspection firms, etc.).

The dynamic and open structure lets you quickly create or modify an unlimited number of categories, characteristics, and locations of assets. You can also import a preexisting structure for a 100% customized hierarchy.

A multilingual tool

The user-friendly and multilingual interface with built-in dictionary offers each user the chance to be able to choose or modify the working language of the software.

Integrate and synchronize the accounting data

Coozy-S2I has been designed to facilitate, among other things, the tasks of inventorying and tracking the assets of the general, purchasing, and IT departments of all types of companies, public institutions, and local authorities. In addition, it makes it possible to align the physical and accounting data in order to offer you a clear and precise view of the value of your assets.

Rich tool for exploiting data

With Coozy-S2I, access a multitude of standard and/or specific data thanks to the multicriterial and hierarchical search tools. You can then export a hierarchy of types of assets with their characteristics and generate reports parameterized in advance according to your needs. Consult and print your reports:

Printing, export, or emailing of standard or specific reports

Choice of data format for the reports

Printing of an asset card

Fast installation and ease of parameterization 

Coozy-S2I is ready to use. Start simply and quickly, keys in hand. Retrieval of the existing data is easy, and automatic parameterization is possible. Customize the software according to your needs.

Preloaded hierarchy of types of assets and characteristics (furniture, equipment, IT hardware, etc.)

Flexibility of hierarchies: Easy adaptation of the standard hierarchy to your needs

Choice of type of database

Customization of the PC interface by user

Coozy-S2I also interfaces with our other Coozy solutions