The life of a contract starts at his signature!

- The key data of your contracts within reach

- Personalized management tailored to your needs

- Higher efficiency through a centralized tool


Our Strengths

Coozy-S4C manages all the information in the contracts, besides monitoring and dematerializing them. This software finally gives a hand to the operational personnel who need it every day in the field.

A powerful and extremely customizable platform, Coozy-S4C adapts to everyone’s way of working and promotes collaboration by authorizing an unlimited number of users. Dematerialize and centralize all your contracts on a single platform with complete security. You will easily find any contract or data connected to your contracts and will no longer miss any deadline.


Attention points & markers

Customizable contracts overview


Unlimited number of users

Traceability & links

In support of the ERP

Your Benefits

Fast ROI: control of costs, economies of scale

Help operating staff

Immediate deployment

Ergonomics: intuitive utilization

Links between contracts and with objects

Localisation management

Control of due dates

Overall view of activities

Gain in efficiency: dematerialization, centralization, fast searches, etc.

Coozy-S4C on the Web, SaaS or Installed


Dematerialization of the contract

Fast or complete entering of contracts

Communications log by contract and general

Unlimited creation of reminders

Reminders by email

Quick view of all reminders

Creation of attention points via “Deep Zoom” and “Fluo”


Customizable reporting and export of printouts

Change history


Display of planning and task assignment


Multi-site and advanced tree diagrams

Search fields

Quick view of contract details

Tracking and viewing of related contracts, documents, disputes, etc.



Management of user access (unlimited)

Secure and confidential access by user

Simple approval workflows creation (unlimited)

Parameterizable dashboard

Obligatory contract creation fields

We Respond to Your Issues

Our Strengths

A Customizable Contracts Overview

Centralize all your contracts in an overview and access it via the multi-site contract library. It offers an overall view of the contracts, all their details, and the related documents. Access to the data thus becomes very quick, thanks to a system of advanced, multicriteria, filtered, or tree-diagram searches.

Attention points 

Navigate quickly in the contracts and go straight to the essentials thanks to the attention points:

For general use, you can make comments on the use of the contract without having to go into the details.

Next, in a more precise manner, the built-in box of Fluo markers lets you highlight the important paragraphs directly in a digitized document. You can also view the document with Deep Zoom in order to find the information directly that you or your colleagues have highlighted in a digitized document.


Keep your due dates under control and optimize your power of renegotiation, thanks to the due dates schedule and the planner. They will give you immediate visibility of your due dates, as well as notifying the replacements and backups.

Position flags so as no longer to miss any due date.

Unlimited number of reminders.

Flags box always a click away: Drag and drop the flags into the fields of your choice.

Email reminders (customizable).

Management of users

With Coozy-S4C, you can create an unlimited number of users. Advanced management of users implies granting a secure access as well as specific rights, offering you complete control of confidentiality. This management is done by profile.

In support of your ERP

The software interfaces with your already installed ERP, in order to give it more power. This combination helps good decision-making by enriching your metadata and giving pertinent information to management.


Save time and gain efficiency, thanks to the search fields. They will make it possible for your to conduct complex searches and access the desired information rapidly in a huge mass of data.

Multi-criteria searches in standard and/or customized fields, saved searches, creation of favorites.

Searches by tree diagram.

Filters and exports: numerous filters for your lists, export of data.

Traceability and links

Coozy-S4C emphasizes reports and traceability,  key elements for a global view of the company’s activities in order to keep it in good health. It helps you optimize your contract management and make good decisions.

Store the history of the data entries, check the change log and the log of communications between users.

Standard reports are available. Export and print out the filtered lists. Likewise, retrieve the value of the contracts made with a supplier, the due dates for the month, etc.

Coozy-S4C also interfaces with our other Coozy solutions